Linux versions and support for Linux

Many SAP system use Linux as operating system.

It is important that you check you run a supported combination of Linux OS, database and application.

SAP HANA OS support

For SAP HANA database, the master note is 2235581 – SAP HANA: Supported Operating Systems. This note contains the references to all the version specific OSS notes.

Checking kernel and LINUX version in SAP system

To check your kernel and LINUX version, go to System Status and then open the Other Kernel Info button:

Another option is to run function module TH_SAPREL3 in SE37:

Translating the version

You have to use the RedHat or SUSE site to translate the kernel number into the LINUX OS version.


This version

Translates to:

So RedHat version 8.7.

OS commands

In some cases OS commands might be needed to perform maintenance work. It can also be misused by hackers.

Questions that will be answered in this call are:

  • How to fire OS commands via SM49 or SM69?
  • How to fire OS command via program RSBDCOS0?

OS commands via SM49 and SM69

OS commands can be defined and executed using transaction SM49 or SM69:

You can use the SAP standard commands and define your own Z commands.

Issues with external commands? Read OSS note 1328083 – An external command behaves differently than expected.

OS command via ABAP program RSBDCOS0

There is also an ABAP program to fire external commands: RSBDCOS0. OSS note for this program: 2443193 – Report RSBDCOS0 – Execute OS command from SAP GUI.

Start the program and enter the command (in this case ls command):

Output is shown:

The action is registered in the SM21 system log:

See also OSS note 117657 – Reports RSBDCOS0, RSNNUXCD are deleted or changed.