SAP Readiness check for Cloud ALM

SAP will stop supporting SAP solution manager by 31.12.2027. All its functions will be migrated to SAP Cloud ALM.

The SAP readiness check for Cloud ALM will check the usage of current functions in your SAP solution manager and will validate if replacements in Cloud ALM are already present.

Since Cloud ALM is constantly growing in functionality you better run this check yearly. It is up to each customer to decide to move to SAP Cloud ALM for part of the functions or to wait until all functions are available.

There are other readiness checks as well:

Preparation in SAP solution manager

Apply the latest version of SAP note 3236443 – SAP Readiness Check for SAP Cloud ALM to your SAP solution manager system. Run program /SDF/RC_ALM_COLLECT_DATA in your solution manager production system.

It might be that your RFC for destination WEBADMIN is not setup correctly. That will cause a short dump.

If you are not using Trace Analysis function, you can remove code to this call in the local definition of class /SDF/CL_RC_ALM:

Running the check

Run program /SDF/RC_ALM_COLLECT_DATA in your solution manager production system. Select the option Schedule Analysis:

When the job is finished select Download Analysis Data and save the file.

Upload the result file on the Readiness page in SAP for me on this URL.

Result of the check

After the upload, wait up to 1 hour for SAP to process the results. For full explanation of the checks, read this SAP blog. Short description is below:

Top left you get an overview of the capabilities that were detected that are currently in use in Solution manager, or were used in the past:

Below is the most important overview. This shows if your used functions are available on Cloud ALM or will come in the near future, or only on the far Vision future:

Solution manager clean up

For parts of solution manager that you don’t use, you can perform the technical clean up.

Test drive SAP Cloud ALM demo system

SAP Cloud ALM is a solution offered by SAP for managing cloud products of SAP.

The tool is still in build up, but is looking promising. If you are interested in what Cloud ALM can do, you can read the documentation, but also try out in the online Cloud ALM demo system.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How can I see online in a demo system what SAP Cloud ALM can do?
  • Where can I find more information on SAP Cloud ALM?
  • Does SAP Cloud ALM require a license or is it free for use?

If you look for a SAP solution manager demo system: read this blog.

The SAP Cloud ALM demo system

The SAP Cloud ALM demo system can be accessed on the ALM demo tenant page:

Use one of the users listed to logon:

Background information on Cloud ALM

General information about Cloud ALM can be found on this link.

All technical background and implementation information on Cloud ALM can be found at the SAP Cloud ALM expert portal:

SAP Cloud ALM license

According to this SAP blog, the use of SAP Cloud ALM is part of the general SAP license, just like SAP solution manager. It’s use is free of license cost, but off course, time you need to spend on implementation and activation is not.