FIORI cache refresh

Cache refresh

After update of a FIORI app UI5 code you will sometimes face issues that the browser or server still holds components from the old app version. This issue is there for both custom developed and for standard SAP UI5 apps. The root cause is the caching at multiple levels to assure highest performance. There are caches on frontend browser, gateway server and backend server.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • What do I need to do on the browser for refresh?
  • How do I clear the caches on the gateway frontend server?
  • How do I clear the caches on the backend server?

When to perform all the cache refreshes?

The below full procedure of cache refresh at all levels is only to be performed:

  • When upgrading or applying support pack of SAP_UI component
  • When facing severe distortions on the UI that can’s be solved after browser cache

Background: the server cache refresh will invalidate all caches for end users. This means that all end users need to get the download the FIORI app again. Each FIORI app is between 5 to 15 MB large and takes time to download and render on the front end. This will take 10 to 60 seconds, during which the end users gets a full white screen.

Avoid cache refresh to keep happy users.
Only mandatory at support pack or upgrade.

Browser cache refresh

After an update of the UI code best to clear the browser cache. In Chrome also: open the application in chrome and use key combination ctrl + shift + R to perform a hard reload.

Or run in Private or Incognito mode.

Best browser for testing is Chrome.

Gateway and backend server cache clearing

Use the following sequence to clear all caches:

1. Execute /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP transaction in ECC system (or other backend system) as well as Gateway system (this is program /IWBEP/R_MGW_MED_CACHE_CLEANUP) .

2. Execute /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP transaction in Gateway system with checkbox checked (this is program /IWFND/R_MED_CACHE_CLEANUP).

3. In the gateway system, you need to do the below steps:

  • Go to transaction SMICM
  • Click on ‘Goto’ menu bar button
  • Select option ‘HTTP Plug-In’ Select option ‘Server Cache’
  • Select option ‘Invalidate Globally’


For the last program (/UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE) you can do a delta or full for all or for a specific application.

Note on the cache cleanup: 2319491 – How to clean up the cache after applying changes that affect SAP Fiori apps.


More background on caching can be found in OSS note 2626394 – Troubleshooting Fiori Apps Cache issue – how to information.

Other interesting OSS notes:

Bug fix notes:

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  1. Very interesting. But transaction /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP and report /IWBEP/R_MGW_MED_CACHE_CLEANUP are the same, just saying.

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