New SAP JCO 3.1 version

SAP jco

SAP has released a new SAP JCO version 3.1. JCO is the workhorse for JAVA programs and other external programs to call RFC enabled function modules and BAPI’s to SAP ABAP systems.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • Where can I find information on the new JCO 3.1 version?
  • What is the end of support for the current JCO 3.0 version?

New JCO 3.1 version

The main OSS note for JCO version 3.1 is 2786882 – SAP JCo 3.1 release and support strategy. Documentation for JCO 3.1 is available publicly on the SAP site. Or download the PDF of the JCO 3.1 standalone connector directly via this link. General implementation information on both versions is still on the SAP wiki page.

End of support for current JCO 3.0 version

SAP has updated the main note for JCO version 3.0: 1077727 – SAP JCo 3.0 release and support strategy. In this note the current end of support date for JCO version is set to October 31st 2020.

JCO installation issues

OSS note 1953762 – Hints for frequent installation errors with SAP JCo 3.0 release describes the most frequent errors with installation of SAP JCo 3.0. Most of the hints will be identical for SAP JCo 3.1.

Latest version

Latest JCO version now is 3.1.7. See OSS note 3276799 – SAP Java Connector Release 3.1.7.

9 thoughts on “New SAP JCO 3.1 version”

  1. The SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) is a development library that enables a Java application to communicate with on-premise SAP systems via SAP’s RFC protocol. It combines an easy-to-use API with unprecedented flexibility and performance. The SAP JCo supports both communication directions: inbound Remote Function Calls (Java calls ABAP) as well as outbound Remote Function Calls (ABAP calls Java).

  2. Do you know what are the new functionality or features with SAP Jco 3.1 as compared with 3.0.x version?

    1. Hi John,

      Please be carefull. SAP PI 7.31 is based on SAP EHP1 for SAP NW 7.3. This version is already out of support per 31.12.2020.
      This outdated version will most likely only work with outdated JCO.

      Please check the SAP PAM site for software updates on PI itself. If you update PI, the JCO version update will normally be included.

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