ODATA V4 activation

This blog will explain how to activate ODATA V4.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to activate ODATA V4 on your SAP system?
  • Does SAP support ODATA V3?
  • Do all consuming applications support ODATA V4?
  • What are the differences of ODATA V2 and V4?


In the typical FIORI use case you will activate ODATA V2. SAP has skipped ODATA V3. ODATA V4 is supported by SAP.

Constraints of SAP ODATA V4 are listed in OSS note 2322624 – SAP Gateway SAP_GWFND OData V4 protocol – Known Constraints.

Filtering is powerful in ODATA V4. Read more on this in OSS note 2305033 – SAP Gateway OData V4 $flter Consulting Note.

Keep in mind not all application fully support all aspects of ODATA V4 or might not be able to consume ODATA V4 at all. Check first with the consumer before publishing an ODATA on V4.

Activation of ODATA V4

First step in activation is to check the virus scan settings for ODATA:

Activation of ODATA V4 messages via service administration:

Or use transaction /iwbep/v4_admin:

And for the front end /iwfnd/v4_admin:

Press button Add service groups:

Push the button Get Service Groups:

And select your entry and press Publish Service Groups:

Which one to publish has to be told to you. The consultant requesting it might link to the API hub.

After activation, you can use the Service Test button to check if the activation is ok:

On the screen hit Execute and the result should be a HTTP 200 success message:

OSS notes and background

Background notes:

Bug fix OSS notes:

Useful background blogs:

Differences between ODATA V2 and V4

For UI consumption differences between ODATA V2 and V4 read this SAP help file.

Generic blog on main differences ODATA V2 and V4: read here.

Or read this SAP blog on differences ODATA V2 and V4 for SAP specific.

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