Activating and using the S4HANA custom code migration FIORI app

This blog will explain about the S4HANA custom code migration FIORI app. Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to set up the S4HANA custom code migration app?
  • How to run the S4HANA custom code migration app?
  • How do the results of the S4HANA custom code app look like?

Activation of the S4HANA custom code migration FIORI app

The custom code app official specification can be found on the FIORI reference library.

First make sure the basis setup of embedded FIORI in general are done on your S4HANA system. See this blog for background.

And make sure the ATC settings for S4HANA code migration are done. See this blog for background.

All the prerequisite notes for the tool itself are listed in OSS note 2436688 – Recommended SAP Notes for using S/4HANA custom code checks in ATC or Custom Code Migration app.

Next step: in transaction PFCG create a new role (for example Z_CUSTOM_CODE_APP). Add catalog SAP_BASIS_TCR_T as a launchpad catalog:

Save and activate the role. Assign the users to the role.

In transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE add the following services (and activate them):

Component External Technical Name
Custom code migration projects SYCM_APS_C_PROJECT_CDS
Analysis of SAP S/4HANA custom code check findings SYCM_APS_C_ATC_FIND_ALP_CDS
Custom code scoping by request entry points SYCM_APS_C_SCP_BY_EP_CDS

Custom code scoping by packages SYCM_APS_C_SCP_BY_PK_CDS

In transaction SICF activate the following nodes:




The core activation actions are now done.

Start transaction /UI2/FLP to start the FIORI launchpad. You will not find the tile. Change the homepage and add the following tile from the catalog:

Before starting, make also sure that in ATC setup the RFC object providers are setup:

You can name the ID, description and group ID the same if you want. Make sure to use RFC destination none.

Creating a project in the app

Now you can start creating a project in the app. Click on the + symbol to add a project;

In the destination fill out the system you have put into the ATC object provider configuration. Than save the project and let it run. In the background the full ATC check is now carried out. This can take some time. You can refresh the project to see the status:

Scoping the results

In the scope block you can exclude packages by clicking on the Change scope button:

Packages that might be excluded:

  • Z packages from SAP
  • Z packages from 3rd party tools

Analyzing the results

When the run is done, you can now analyze the results on the Analysis tab:

A bit below on the Analysis tab is the burn down chart:

For the burn down chart you need to run the custom code run again on several days. Check for tool issues and solve them. Solving tool issues makes the amount of issues go up as you can see on the sample screen above.

Important here is that you have to press the Analyze Findings button to go into the detailed analysis overview:

On the top are the graphical overviews. In the bottom is the detailed list:

You can use the download to excel button for further processing.

During the custom code clean up you can redo the same project, by rerunning the analysis. Or you can decide to run a new project.

Link to Eclipse

For the link to Eclipse to work, each developer must allow this on his Eclipse settings. Follow the instructions in OSS note 2934945 – “Open in ABAP in Eclipse” in Custom Code Migration APP.

Including usage data from productive system

You can also add actual usage data from a productive system in the custom code management app. See this blog.

Known issues and bug fixes

For UI bugs check OSS notes:

10 thoughts on “Activating and using the S4HANA custom code migration FIORI app”

  1. Hello,

    Can this Fiori app “Custom Code Migration” be used for custom code analysis in the greenfield approach or does this only apply to brownfield?

    Many Thanks
    Best Regard

      1. Hello many thanks for the answer

        why shouldn’t I take the custom code from the ERP system to HANA? Is there anything against it?

        Thank you

        1. Choice is yours of course.
          But why do a greenfield? In most cases green field choice is driven by a wish to use standard out-of-the-box processes.

          Upgrading existing system (brownfield) is about 10% of the costs of a greenfield. A greenfield is miserably expensive due to re-implementation, data migrations and re-training costs.

  2. Hello Saptechnicalguru,
    Many thanks for your recommendation and many great and useful blog posts.

    But we have already decided on the greenfield approach.

    What if we want to take some custom code to S/4HANA. Can we use the “Custom Code Migration” Fiori app with the Greenfield or is this app only suitable for Brownfield ?
    Many Thanks

    1. The custom code migration app could be used on your old system to scan for needed changes.
      Best is to setup good ATC variant on your new system and use that. In the ATC variant you can include all S4HANA related items as well.

  3. I would like to download findings data not from Fiori App but using a program. Can I check if there is any API that can be used achieve this feat. I am running CCM from BTP for all systems and would like to download findings for all CCM executions and provide the info to our security team.

    Appreciate your response.

    1. Hi Kasi,

      The FIORI app is showing results from the ATC run for S4HANA migration. Read this blog for the setup:
      The ATC tool has an option to download the results ATC to xls.
      The custom code migration FIORI app is intended for on premise use. I am not aware of decent Custom Code Management tools on BTP or Cloud ALM. Custom code management is in SAP solution manager and on future roadmap for Cloud ALM.

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