DMIS plugin notes analyzer

When you are using DMIS plugin for SLT data replication you will need to regularly apply OSS notes to solve bugs. This blog will explain how to quickly analyze the needed notes using the DMC note analyzer program.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to install the DMC note analyzer program?
  • How to run the DMC note analyzer program?

Installation of the DMC note analyzer program

The DMC note analyzer program is delivered via SAP oss note 2596411 – SLT / NZDT / S4HANA Migration Cockpit (DMIS2011 SP11-SP15; DMIS2018; S/4HANA 1610, 1709 & 1809) – Note Analyzer.

Minor manual work is needed for the implementation of this OSS note.

Running the DMC note analyzer

With transaction SE38 start program DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER. On the start screen select whether you want to check for the central system or the source system:

DMIS notes analyzer program start screen

Now start the run.

After the run is done the missing notes are listed:

DMIS notes analyzer program output

From the overview you can start to download the notes and apply them.