LUI: license utilization information

The LUI (license utilization information) is a new tool provided by SAP to help you better manage the insights into your current utilization.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How do I use the LUI tool?
  • Where do I find more information on the LUI tool?
  • Does the LUI tool work for on premise systems and cloud systems?

Use of the LUI tool

The LUI tool is part of the support pages of SAP and can be reached using this link.

Open opening the link and logging on, you start with the overview screen:

As you can see the overview is both for On Premise as well as Cloud based solution licenses.

You can zoom into the details per license to see the trend:

This can help you to detect since when (and then you will check why) you are crossing the line of having utilized too much. This enables you to either take actions to go back, or simply procure more licenses.

For the SAP cloud products, the actual usage is automatically added by SAP. If you want to add usage data for the on premise systems, you will need to upload the LAW files.

Background information

Main LUI tool page can be found here.

LUI introduction video can be found here.

LUI FAQ can be found here.

Manual for using LUI can be found here.

Manual for preparation of measurement data for on premise systems can be found here.