Support tool for MRP

Many times as basis person, you will be faced with system and performance issues in the MRP run.

SAP now has released a support tool for MRP that can help the functional MRP consultant with analyzing MRP issues.

Questions that will be answered in this blog:

  • How to install the Support tool for MRP?
  • What are the functions of the support tool for MRP?

Installation of MRP support tool

Installation of MRP support tool is simple: apply OSS note 3199068 – Support-Tool for MRP. After installation start transaction PP_MRP_SUPPORT to check correct implementation.


Start the MRP support tool with transaction or program PP_MRP_SUPPORT:

The I button (and note 3199068 – Support-Tool for MRP) will list all available functions in detail.

Important is the MRP consistency check:

After consistency is done, you can use the program to run for specific material/plant combination: