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SAP uses the ACF (Active Component Framework) in some solutions to provide extra functionality between the desktop and the SAP system.

This framework is known to be troublesome. If possible avoid the usage. If you cannot avoid it, use this blog for know fixes.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • Why avoid the use of the ACF framework?
  • Which use cases can already avoid ACF framework?
  • What are know issues of the ACF framework?
  • What are trouble shooting OSS notes for the ACF framework?

Why to avoid the ACF framework?

The ACF framework relies on a separate installation file on the desktop of the end user. In the default scenario, this file is present on the SAP server and will be pushed to the end user when needed. But most of the desktop software settings on the users desktop will block this file for security reasons. This will force you to distribute these files via the desktop team. After a support pack or upgrade, the ACF file gets renewed and again you have to take care. The ACF framework also depends on the JAVA versions installed on the desktop and the browser.

The ACF framework is known to be delivering nasty issues which are hard to tackle and solve. Any software change on the desktop can lead to issues with the ACF framework.

Avoid the use if possible.

Actions to move away from ACF usage

If you use ACF in the contect of PLMWUI, follow these instructions in OSS note 2879616 – Steps to configure ACF Replacement functionality in PLM WebUI to have the same functionality without ACF.

For the ABAP upload/download use case of ACF, follow the instructions in OSS note 2438690 – Moving to a Plugin-Free Web and ACF file Upload/Download/Execute component.

If you use SAP solution manager documentation (SOLDOC), apply OSS note 3009338 – SOLDOC: SAP GUI office Integration to shift from ACF to normal browser support.

ACF version and distribution

You can determine you current ACF version by following the instructions in OSS note 1481194 – Determination of ACF version.

Installation and download instructions of the ACF files are described in OSS note 766191 – Installation of Active Component Framework. Prerequisites for running ACF are listed in OSS note 1150277 – Prerequisites for using ACF.

Automatic download or installation considerations are described in OSS note 1488874 – ACF – automatic download or installation.

If you update your browser, or use Citrix, read this OSS note 1766401 – ACF: Switch to new operating system or Internet Explorer.

Patch history of ACF is listed in OSS note 1878583 – ACF: File upload/download/execute patch history.

ACF troubleshooting

For ACF troubleshooting, check the following OSS notes:

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