Batch job event triggering

Batch job event triggers can be used in a smart way to trigger a batch job when needed.

Defining the event in SM64

In transaction SM64 you can see the current events and also create a new custom event:

Triggering the event

The event can be triggered from SM64 by selecting the event and pressing the Execute button:

Or you can trigger from an ABAP program with the function module BP_RAISE_EVENT.

      TARGET_INSTANCE = ' ' 

Or you can trigger from OS level with the sapevt program.

Schedule job with event trigger

Now we will schedule the job in SM36 using a test program ZHELLOEVENT. In the job definition we will run the program ZHELLOEVENT. In the scheduling we will use the start condition After Event:

When you trigger the event now in SM36 you see the job will execute nicely. Go to transaction SM37 and key in the Or after event search option:

You will now find the jobs after the event triggering.

Jobs waiting for a trigger

To find batch jobs that are still waiting for a trigger, use SE11 to see the content of table BTCEVTJOB.

Reorganization of batch jobs events

Settings are done in SM64:

Run background program RSEVTHISTREORG for the clean up.

OSS notes

Relevant OSS notes:

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