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When a batch job finishes, there are use cases where you want to be informed on the results.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How can I mail the spool result of a batch job?
  • How can I mail if the job went ok or not?

Mailing job status

As of version S4HANA 1709 (basis version 7.52), you can mail the batch job result for cancelled jobs, or in all cases when it finishes. In SM37 after job is planned goto change mode of the job and push the E-mail Notification button:

In case of issues check OSS note 2951767 – E-mail notifications are not sent.

Mailing spool result

For mailing spool results use the Spool List Recipient button:

On older systems there might be a cutoff after 1000 lines in the mail. See OSS note 329537 – Spool cut off at 1000 lines when sent to recipient. In case of issues, you can check OSS note 760838 – Spool lists are not sent and 930570 – Problems with sent OTF documents.

Mailing spool result to multiple mail addresses

In transaction SO15 create a distribution list:

Hit the create button to create a distribution list:

Goto the tab Dist. list content to enter the e-mail addresses:

Save the list.

Now you can go to SM37 and change the job:

In the recipient field hit F4 or the selection button and switch to the distribution list. Search the correct one and press ok:

In case somebody by accident deleted a shared distribution list, check OSS note 2477819 – Distribution Lists have been deleted for recovery options.

Bug fixes

Bug fix OSS notes:

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