Test drive SAP Cloud ALM demo system

SAP Cloud ALM is a solution offered by SAP for managing cloud products of SAP.

The tool is still in build up, but is looking promising. If you are interested in what Cloud ALM can do, you can read the documentation, but also try out in the online Cloud ALM demo system.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How can I see online in a demo system what SAP Cloud ALM can do?
  • Where can I find more information on SAP Cloud ALM?
  • Does SAP Cloud ALM require a license or is it free for use?

If you look for a SAP solution manager demo system: read this blog.

The SAP Cloud ALM demo system

The SAP Cloud ALM demo system can be accessed on the ALM demo tenant page:

Use one of the users listed to logon:

Background information on Cloud ALM

General information about Cloud ALM can be found on this link.

All technical background and implementation information on Cloud ALM can be found at the SAP Cloud ALM expert portal:

SAP Cloud ALM license

According to this SAP blog, the use of SAP Cloud ALM is part of the general SAP license, just like SAP solution manager. It’s use is free of license cost, but off course, time you need to spend on implementation and activation is not.