SAP tool for measuring current indirect access

Digital access check tool

In the previous blog the new SAP license model for indirect access. The biggest challenge after reading the blog will be: how can I know the impact for my situation and my SAP system?

For this purpose SAP has developed an estimation tool.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • Which note do I need to apply to get the estimation tool?
  • How do I run the estimation tool?
  • Why is the tool estimation only?
Warning: this tool only gives estimation. The tool cannot take into account specific configurations you have done to standard SAP that influence the outcome. Also the tool cannot take into account potentially company specific agreements you have made with SAP.

Digital access report

Start transaction RSUVM_DAC for the digital access report:

Double click on the line will get you to the details.

More background on this transaction via OSS note 2837612 – Measurement report for Digital Access: RSUVM_DAC.

New estimation tool

SAP has developed new estimation tool.

S4HANA: OSS note 2957649 – Completely revised digital access estimation report for S/4H and 2999672 – Completely revised digital access estimation report 2 for S/4H.

ECC: OSS note 2957647 – Completely revised digital access estimation report for ECC and 2992090 – Completely revised digital access estimation report 2 for ECC.

Running the new estimation tool

Start program DAC_S4_COUNT_DOCTYP_ITEM for S4HANA or DAC_ECC_COUNT_DOCTYP_ITEM for ECC (new programs!):

New digital access entry screen

Enter the date and user ID’s. Result:

New digital access results

Installation of the old estimation tool

The generic OSS note is 2738406 – Digital Access: Central Technical Guidelines.

Depending on your SAP version and support package the tool is already available, or you need to manually install it. In case of manual installation, first manually create package Digital_Access in SE80. The next OSS note to install is depending on your version (S/4HANA or ECC):

After the SNOTE actions add the text manually.

Then apply OSS note 2795775 – Digital Access: Usability Improvements Estimation Note to get extra selection criteria.

Running the old estimation tool

After the note is installed you can start program DAC_S4_COUNT_DOCUMENTTYP_ITEM (for S4HANA) or DAC_ECC_COUNT_DOCUMENTTYP_ITEM (for ECC):

Fill out the date and user ID to check.

Result is the amount of documents in the period:

Digital access check tool result

Unfortunately you have to enter user ID by user ID. See OSS note 2933979 – The report DAC_ECC_COUNT_DOCUMENTTYP_ITEM does not give back any document.

How does the counting work?

The counting estimation in the ABAP is simply executing a select count for the time frame and user on the respective tables for specific document types.

Example below is the counting of purchase order line items:

Check tool count statement

Here you can see only lines from EKPO with type lc_bstyp_f (which has value ‘F’) are selected. If you have configured your system differently (for example copied F to Z and are using Z) the count program will not find and report this.

This is the reason why the program is only to give you an estimation.

Tool updates

Regularly check the tool OSS note for new updates of the note version. Other relevant notes and bug fixes:

5 thoughts on “SAP tool for measuring current indirect access”

  1. Hello, you’ve done an exemple of sql abap code to get list, can you share all sql abap code or the tables where i can to find document for all document type (material,manufacturing,…) i would like to make a report with SQ00 or sqvi to get list. SAP note 2644139 seems not implemented in my system. Thanks.

      1. With all respect, the note is still not counting correctly and makes no differentiation between SAP Friendly and non-friendly. In addition SAP is changing their mind of how to count the documents.

        I appreciate your SAP Programming expertise and it would be useful to create an ABAP Program where you really can go into the details based on the official metric what just had been published (audit metrics) and to compare per interface the technical user who is creating a lot of documents based on the report and real usage.

        and then you will find out that there are still GAPs.
        Kind regards, Desiree

        1. Hi Desiree,

          You are fully right. The tool does contain gaps. See also the big warning at the start of the blog. Also the formal note states the following restriction: “The report does not differentiate between documents that were created by SAP applications and documents that were created by non-SAP-applications. The number transferred for a document must be interpreted based on the current installation environment.”.
          The goal of the program is to get an estimate. It is not claiming to be 100% accurate.

          I like your idea on the extra ABAP. Give me some time.

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