Internationalization: time zone settings

Time zones

The SAP system can deal with multiple time zones. This blog will explain the settings.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • How can I check my current time zone settings in my SAP system?
  • How can I check and update time zone customizing settings?
  • If there is a time zone or day light saving change, in which note can I find which settings I should change?

Check the current time zone settings

The active time zone of your system can be checked via transaction STZAC:

Time zone customizing

Detailed time zone customizing settings can be made via transaction STZBC:

Changes that are needed to time zone settings (for example new change for daylight saving) can be found in the central OSS note 198411 – Current data and information about time zones.

Background information

More background information can be found on the SAP wiki on time zones.

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