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Output device NULL start

For some batch jobs you want to have the execution done and don’t want to fill up your system with large spool files of this execution. This blog will explain to setup printer NULL to have a batch job suppress the output generation.

Questions that that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How do I setup printer NULL?
  • How to test the setup of printer NULL?
  • Where to find more background information on printer NULL?

Setup of printer NULL

Start transaction SPAD to define a new printer. Now create printer call NULL (with long and short name both NULL):

Output device NULL SPAD

Select a simple windows driver. Fill the other mandatory fields. Add the message description clearly that the output will be lost.

Save the printer definition.

Testing the NULL printer

From the blog explaining the technical clean up we will take program RSWWHIDE. This program generates huge amount of output (per deleted item 3 to 10 lines). We will run the program twice in test mode: once with printer NULL and once with printer LP01 (default printer). Selection of printer NULL is same as with any printer:

Selection of printer NULL

Result in SM37:

Run with NULL or LP01

The first run with printer NULL has suppressed the generation of the spool file.

Background OSS note

All background on output device NULL can be read in OSS note 181571 – Output device NULL.

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