S4HANA standard batch jobs

In S4HANA standard jobs are scheduled in a different way.

This blog will answer the following questions:

  • How to see then new standard jobs via transaction SJOBREPO?
  • Where to find more information on more advanced functions?
  • Which background OSS notes can I read on the S4HANA stand batch job repository?
  • I have done a change to SJOBREPO and it is not visible? (it takes up to 1 hour!)

Viewing the job repository

Start transaction SJOBREPO to view the job repository:

The jobs running are different per release. Check the corresponding note. Example for S4HANA 2020: 2992214 – Jobs in the Technical Job Repository (SJOBREPO) in SAP S/4HANA 2020.

Use transaction SWF_JOBREPO_SLG1 to see logs of potential job issues.

To assign a standard user to job steps use transaction SJOBREPO_STEPUSER to set standard job step user:

See OSS notes

Checking the activation status of SJOBREPO

With program R_JR_UTIL_1 you can check the current status of SJOBREPO or activate it:

See OSS note 2790150 – Automatic Job Scheduling is switched off.

Activation and monitoring

In SJOBREPO, more background information can be found by clicking the button Monitor help:

A very important remark is made here that it can take up to 1 hour before changes to SJOBREPO are visible in the monitoring overview. This is a very annoying feature.

Advanced functions in SJOBREPO

All the advanced configuration functions of the S4HANA job repository can be found as PDF attachment to OSS note 2190119 – Background information about S/4HANA technical job repository.

Activation of server group for technical job repository

Apply OSS note 3057980 – Targetservergroups in SJOBREPO in Release 7.55 to get the function for server groups for the technical job repository.

Scope dependent jobs

In customizing you can activate scope dependent jobs:

See also OSS note 3085988 – Technical job is not getting schedule in S/4HANA SJOBREPO because the job is showing as ‘Not in Scope’.

Background OSS notes

Useful background OSS notes:

Bug fix notes:

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