Chat bots via SAP conversational AI

This blog will explain how simple you can set up a chat bot via SAP conversational AI.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How can I set up a test chat bot with SAP conversational AI?
  • How can I test the chat bot?

Setting up the chat bot

SAP conversational AI is the technology behind the chat bots of SAP. It only runs in the cloud. It does not run on premise.

You can register for a free test account at

After registration you can create your first bot:

Here we choose Perform Actions and press the CREATE A BOT button:

Continue with the wizard:

Now create the bot.

First thing to add is an intent:

And enter the detailed words (expressions) for the intent:

When the user keys in one of these words, it will trigger the bot.

But this is only the trigger. There is no action yet. Goto the build tab and create a skill first:

Now open the skill. In the skill you can goto the details to add a trigger:

Here we use our test intent we created before as trigger.

Now goto the Actions tab and create the wanted action:

In our simple case, we respond back with a text saying “Me too!”.

Testing the chat bot

Now we will test our chat bot. Test result:

First thing we say is “tell a joke”. Then the bot will tell a joke.

Then we ask: I need a holiday. Since we have set the word “holiday” as an intent, the bot responds with the action and says “Me too!”. The same for I need beer. Any response question that is not in the chat bot script it goes to fallback.

OpenSAP course

SAP has a nice OpenSAP training on chatbot building. Follow this link.