SAP GUI default change to Edge

After upgrading to SAP GUI 7.70 you can change the default browser from Internet Explorer to Edge.

More on SAP support for browsers in general can be found in this blog.

Prerequisite: install WebView2

First read OSS note 2913405 – SAP GUI for Windows: Dependencies to browsers / browser controls. This note describes the need for you to download and install the Microsoft WebView2 framework:

Impact of WebView2: 2901278 – SAP GUI HTML Control based on Chromium Edge: Legacy HTML does not work (correctly) / present limitations.

Switch browser setting for SAP GUI

Now you can go to the settings of you SAP 7.70 GUI and change the default browser in the Interaction Design/ Control Settings:

If fallback to Internet Explorer is still required, read this note: 2957665 – SAP GUI HTML Control: Browser Control Fallback Configuration.

In case the option is locked: 3191784 – Edge (based on Chromium) HTML control option is locked in the SAP GUI Control Settings.

If you need to build a workstation package with the default Edge setting, read this OSS note: 3221242 – How to set the Edge (based on Chromium) as the default browser control in single file Installer aiming SAP GUI distribution on multiple workstations.

Switch browser setting for SAP Business Client

For SAP business client the settings are in the Settings/Browser section:

Here you can choose the browser and download location to be used.

Chromium security updates

There might be a lot of hotnews and security OSS notes on the Chromium part. Main OSS note: 2622660 – Security updates for the browser control Google Chromium delivered with SAP Business Client.

OSS notes

Relevant OSS notes:

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