Activating embedded BI in S4HANA

This blog will explain how to activate embedded BI in S4HANA.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • How to activate embedded BI in S4HANA?
  • Where to find more background information about embedded BI activation in S4HANA?

Setting up embedded BI in S4HANA

To start setup of embedded BI in S4HANA goto transaction STC01 and start task list SAP_BW_SETUP_INITIAL_S4HANA:

The task list will ask you to confirm that you have read OSS note 2303900 – Latest Information about BW Setup in S/4HANA Systems. You should really read the note before and apply the known issue notes listed in this note.

Then you need to set the BI client: best to use the same client as your data client. Withe BW content option, just choose all.

Now run the task list and be patient. If the task list finishes correctly you are done. You can use transaction RSA5 to check the content activation.

OSS note 2636754 – Configuration steps for embedded Analytics in ABAP based Applications contains detailed explanation of all the steps in this task list.

Known issues

EQ_RS_AUTOSETUP: you might run into an issue with this program.

First apply OSS note 2704713 – Report EQ_RS_AUTOSETUP: improvements and enhancements to get the latest patches for this program. Then run the program EQ_RS_AUTOSETUP manually:

Transaction RSTCO_ADMIN: this one might not have gone right.

Re-install the content if required.

Background information

Good background information can be found at: