Text on logon screen before and after logon

This blog will explain how to get text on the SAP logon screen before users logon and on the screen after users logon.

If you want to load a picture after the logon screen, please see this blog.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • How to add a text to the logon screen?
  • How to include icons?
  • How to put a text after the logon screen in stead of a picture?
  • How to put a clickable URL in the text after the logon screen?

Setting text before logon

The text to be shown before logon is maintained via transaction SE61. Select General text and for the name select ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO.


Now press change:


Enter the text you want to show to the users.

If you want to show SAP icons in the text start transaction SE38 and run program RSTXICON. Run it as ABAP list. Look for the icon you want and lookup the code. Please it between 2 @ symbols.

End result looks like this:


Official OSS note is 205487 – Custom text on SAP GUI logon screen.

Adding a text after the logon screen

After the logon screen you can either add a picture or a weburl. But no text or text with hyperlink. To achieve this we will do a small development trick. We put the text on a webdynpro page and add the webdynpro page as URL for the start screen.

First develop the webdynpro in SE80:

ZSTARTPAGE webdynpro

We will call the webdynpro ZSTARTPAGE. In our example there is a text (caption) and a LinkToUrl. The LinkToUrl has a text and a hyperlink and will show as a clickable element to the user. Save and generate the webdynpro. Test the webdynpro and note down the URL of the webdynpro.

Start transaction SM30_SSM_CUST to maintain the customizing for logon screen and other items. In the parameter SESS_URL fill out the webdynpro URL. If the parameter SESS_URL does not yet exist, just create it.

Also make sure the logon picture is not hidden:

The end result will look like this:

Text after logon including hyperlink

Depending on the security settings of the system you might need to tweak the SICF node of the webdynpro to suppress a password popup.