Data archiving: material ledger data

This blog will explain how to archive material ledger data via object CO_ML_DAT. Generic technical setup must have been executed already, and is explained in this blog.

Object CO_ML_DAT

Go to transaction SARA and select object CO_ML_DAT.

Dependency schedule:

Main tables that are archived:

  • CKMLCR (material ledger data)
  • CKMLPP (period totals)

Technical programs and OSS notes

Write program: SAPRCKMN_NEU

Delete program: SAPRCKMO_NEU

Read from archive: SAPRCKMP_NEU_LESEN


Relevant OSS notes:

Application specific customizing

Archiving object CO_ML_DAT has no specific customizing. Retention period is set on the write program screen.

Executing the write run and delete run

In transaction SARA, CO_ML_DAT select the write run:

Select your data, save the variant and start the archiving write run.

After the write run is done, check the logs. CO_ML_DAT archiving has high speed, and high percentage of archiving (up to 100%).

Proved a good name for the archive file for later use!

Deletion run is standard by selecting the archive file and starting the deletion run.

Data retrieval

Data retrieval is via program SAPRCKMP_NEU_LESEN. But the retrieval has no proper selection. Output is also hard to read.