Archiving MM- Accounting interface posting data

This blog will explain how to archive MM accounting interface posting data via object MM_ACCTIT. Generic technical setup must have been executed already, and is explained in this blog.

The MM_ACCTIT is strange object. Since it is about intermediate data which is normally not viewed by users, there is no read program. In worst case there is a reload program. Do also read about the option to stop using these intermediate tables if the business does not require them.

Avoiding data in MM-accounting interface tables

Please check OSS note 48009 – Tables ACCTHD, ACCTIT, ACCTCR: Questions and answers to see if you can fully avoid data being written to the tables.


Go to transaction SARA and select object MM_ACCTIT.

Dependency schedule (no dependency):

Tables that are archived:

Technical programs and OSS notes

Write program: MM_ACCTIT_WRI

Delete program: MM_ACCTIT_DEL

Read program: none. Only write and delete.

Relevant OSS notes:

Application specific customizing

MM_ACCTIT has no application specific customizing.

Executing the write run and delete run

In transaction SARA, MM_ACCTIT select the write run:

Select your data, save the variant and start the archiving write run.

After the write run is done, check the logs. MM_ACCTIT archiving has high speed and high percentage of archiving (up to 100%).

Deletion run is standard by selecting the archive file and starting the deletion run.