Snapshot monitoring

Snapshot monitoring enables you to capture snapshot of current performance and usage of work processes. This can be used to analyze performance issues.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to setup snapshot monitoring?
  • How to analyze the results of snapshot monitoring?
  • How can I see SM50 processes running when there are issues?

Setting up the snapshot monitor

Start transaction /SDF/SMON for snapshot monitoring:

If you don’t have any snapshot monitoring yet, you will reach the schedule screen:

Now you can plan a separate snapshot monitoring run, or set up the daily run:

For each run: check to increase the Interval timing!

Analyzing the snapshot monitoring results

With the Analysis button you can analyze the results:

In the snapshot monitor (/SDF/MON) you can drill down:

Double clicking at the line shows you the SM50 processes running at that point in time:

This enables you to analyze issues that occur for example in the middle of the night, and you want to see what is running at that point in time.


The tool /SDF/MON has been replaced by the SMON tool in netweaver 7.5 (using tcode /SDF/SMON). You will find notes for both tools.

SAP wiki for snapshot monitoring can be found on this link.

Explanation OSS notes:

Bug fix OSS notes: