SNOTE tips & tricks

This blog will give tips and tricks for the SAP SNOTE transaction. Questions that will be answered are:

  • How to update SNOTE itself?
  • How to check if there are new versions available for notes?
  • What is TCI?
  • Where to find tips on finding correct OSS notes?

If you are looking for way to check which OSS notes are needed, read the ANST blog: the automated notes search tool.

Notes for SNOTE itself

Also SNOTE itself can have bugs or has new functions. Download and implement most recent vesion of OSS note 1668882 – Note Assistant: Important notes for SAP_BASIS 730,731,740,750,751 to update SNOTE itself.

Downloading and implementing new versions of OSS notes

SAP regularly updates its own OSS notes. To check in your system if there are new updates for OSS notes relevant to you goto transaction SNOTE. Then choose “Goto -> SAP Note Browser ->Execute (F8)”, and then choose “Download Latest Version of SAP Notes” in the application toolbar. This will download all the latest versions. Check for the status “Obsolete version implemented” in the implementation state column.

Activation of inactive objects after implementing OSS note

In rare cases after implementing an OSS note some of the ABAP objects are in an inactive state. To activate them, select the menu SAP note and then Activate SAP note manually.

Or you can run program SCWB_NOTE_ACTIVATE to activate the coding of the note:


TCI: transport based correction instructions

Transport based correction instructions contain notes that are larger than normal OSS notes. This tool leverages the SPAM transaction to apply these large packages.

Relevant OSS notes:

Start with reading the PDF document attached to OSS note 2187425: TCI for customer. This contains the exact instructions to enable TCI based correction instructions.

The TCI only recently has a rollback function. Please check if you can update/patch to the version where the rollback works. See the PDF document in OSS note 2187425 on the undo function.

Applying TCI note

There are 2 ways to upload TCI note.

Basis way: you will need SPAM access rights and 000 actions are involved. Upload the TCI file in SPAM in client 000. Then apply the note via SNOTE in main client. The note tool will ask you to confirm to use the TCI mechanism.

ABAP way: you will need SPAM access rights. In transaction SNOTE use menu option Goto / Upload TCI. After uploading the file, choose Decompress. Now apply the note via SNOTE. The note tool will ask you to confirm to use the TCI mechanism.

DDIC objects

For enabling de-implementation of DDIC objects apply oss note 2840923 – SNOTE: Enable De-implementation of DDIC Correction Instructions.

Digitally signed oss notes

For digitally signed oss notes see the special  blog.

KBA notes

Some notes don’t contain coding updates, but are KBA’s: Knowledge Base Articles. You have to read the note which contains manual instructions or explanation in detail.

KBA article note

Finding OSS notes

Tools for finding OSS notes:

  • ANST (advanced notes search tool): see blog
  • ANST for web applications and FIORI: see blog
  • Notes for error messages: see blog
  • Short dump analysis: see blog

Special note programs

For special use cases SAP has special programs to check for recent OSS notes.

Use cases:

  • SAP Screen Personas, run transaction /PERSONAS/HEALTH. See blog.
  • SLT DMIS plug in, run program DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER. See blog.

Being notified upon OSS note updates

If you want to be notified when a certain OSS note receives an update, follow the instructions as described in OSS note 2478289 – How to set up notifications for SAP Notes and/or KBAs with Expert Search filters.