Setting FIORI gateway time-out and time-out warning

FIORI user use the browser. For security it is important that the browser session has a limited life time. The end user is normally annoyed by this, since when he clicks after a long time, the user gets a server error, which is difficult to understand.

This blog explains how to set up a more user friendly time-out and warning for the FIORI pages.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How can I set a time-out for my FIORI tiles?
  • How can I set a warning time for the end users that their FIORI session is about to time-out?
  • Can I limit the amount of FIORI sessions?

Time-out settings for FIORI

Start transaction /UI2/FLP_SYS_CONF and enter values for these 2 parameters: SESSION_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL_IN_MINUTES and SESSION_TIMEOUT_REMINDER_IN_MINUTES:

Give these the values that are good for your company and press Save.

OSS note 2955208 – How to set automatic Fiori Launchpad Sign-Out explains also there is a server logout possible.

This function is available as of SAP_UI 7.54 version (see OSS note 3248472 – Why is it not possible to limit browser Fiori sessions?).

Time-out for end user

The end result for the end user is a more graceful warning and choice to continue or log out:

Read OSS note 3034757 – Fiori session timeout setting SESSION_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL_IN_MINUTES does not appear to work accurately to see which actions cause the timer reset.

Limiting amount of sessions

Limiting amount of browser sessions and FIORI sessions per user is not possible. See OSS note 3248472 – Why is it not possible to limit browser Fiori sessions?.