SAP TREX administration

SAP TREX can be used for search. Search can be done best with HANA system nowadays. For HANA search read this blog. Migration from TREX to HANA is explained in OSS note 2054157 – How to migrate Enterprise Search from TREX to SAP HANA.

This blog will cover the SAP TREX administration. Search tips and tricks for both HANA search and SAP TREX can be found in this blog.


The main transaction for TREX administration is TREXADMIN:

Select your TREX RFC and press execute to get to the first tab that shows the Services overview:

Check the second overview tab for the status:

The alert tab contains alert to be checked:

Background information

SAP help file for TREXADMIN can be found in this link.

If you raise OSS message for TREX, provide the TREX logs as explained in OSS note 1140188 – BWA/TREX: How to provide indexes for problem analysis.

OSS notes for specific issues: