ABAP update administration

This blog will explain about the ABAP update administration. Questions that can be answered are:

  • How to check if the ABAP update process is active?
  • How to check and fix update errors?

Update administration

You can use transaction SM14 to goto the ABAP update administration:

SM14 overview screen

Update errors

The update errors can be seen with transaction SM13 (do take care to have the right date selection):

SM12 update processing errors

Double clicking on the line will give you more information:

SM13 update processing error detail

Double click again on the error for more information. This information can be used to find the OSS note to fix the issue in case of standard SAP failure. In case of Z code failure, you will have to go to you own ABAP developer to fix it.


Reprocessing is sometimes possible, and in most cases not. After you have captured the information on a update failure you can delete it.

When reprocessing is possible, check first with the user. He might have posted the data already in a different way. Only when he did not post in different way, you can try to reprocess the failed update.


You can set parameter (RZ11) rdsip/vbmail to 1 to activate mail sending. Parameter rdisp/vb_mail_user_list contains the mail addresses (separation by comma).

Automatic deletion

By setting parameter rdisp/vbreorg to 1 the automatic deletion of failed updates is activated. Parameter rdsip/vbdelete is the amount of days the SM13 entries are kept.

Background OSS notes