Data archiving: CATS time writing data

This blog will explain how to archive CATS time writing data via object CATS_DATA. Generic technical setup must have been executed already, and is explained in this blog.


Go to transaction SARA and select object CATS_DATA.

Dependency schedule:

This means no dependencies.

Only table that is archived:

  • CATSDB: time writing data

Technical programs and OSS notes




Relevant OSS notes:

Application specific customizing

In the application specific customizing for CATS_DATA is not required.

Executing the write run and delete run

In transaction SARA, CATS_DATA select the write run:

Select your data, save the variant and start the archiving write run.

Give the archive session a good name that describes date range. This is needed for data retrieval later on.

After the write run is done, check the logs. CATS_DB archiving has average speed, but high percentage of archiving (up to 100%). Only status 30 (approved) and status 60 (cancelled) are archived. See SAP Help.

Deletion run is standard by selecting the archive file and starting the deletion run.

Data retrieval

Start the data retrieval program and fill selection criteria:

Result is a simple list:

Data reload program

For emergency cases, there is an undocumented reload program: RCATS_ARCH_RELOADING. Use at own risk.

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