Activate SAP GUI for HTML via integrated SAP ITS


For users that do not use the SAP GUI regularly, you can use the SAP GUI for HTML as an alternative. The end users will then access the SAP system via the GUI shown in the web browser. This way the end user does not need to install the fat client on his laptop or desktop.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to activate the SAP GUI for HTML?
  • How to change the theming?
  • How to monitor the ITS behind the SAP GUI for HTML?

Activation of SAP GUI for HTML via integrated ITS

In transaction SICF activate the SAP GUI for HTML node /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui:

Look and feel of the SAP GUI for HTML

OSS note 1508958 – Look and Feel in the WEBGUI explains the different themes for SAP GUI for HTML. OSS note 2540597 – Supported Themes for SAPGUI for HTML explains the support of different theme versions per netweaver version. Note 1656975 – How to set the theme for SAPGUI for HTML? explains how to set the theme.

Monitoring the SAP GUI for HTML via ITS tools

The SAP GUI for HTML is using SAP ITS (internet transaction services) to render the HTML pages. Transaction SITSPMON is the monitoring transaction for ITS:

Known issues

If you get a popup stating Transaction SMEN is locked and you are redirected to the logoff page, please check OSS note 2874027 – Transaction SMEN is locked in direct webgui.

Known limitations

SAP GUI for HTML has known limitations. These limitation vary per SAP netweaver and S/4HANA version. The main OSS note is: 314568 – SAP GUI for HTML functionality / Limitations / Sp. Behaviour. This note has a reference to the restrictions of SAP GUI for HTML per version.

For ABAP developers there is a specific OSS notes on which developments are possible ,and which ones not, for Webgui as in comparison to SAP GUI: 3024355 – Webgui HTML Viewer: Restrictions compared to SAP GUI for Windows.

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