Setup parallel processing

Server group maintenance

This blog will explain about setting up parallel processing groups.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • How to set up parallel processing group?
  • How to test parallel processing group?

Setup parallel processing group

In transaction RZ12 you can setup parallel server groups. Or change existing.

Within a server group you can set with percentages how much of the available work processes the parallel group can consume:

RZ12 server group creation

RZ12 explanation and bug fix notes:

Testing the parallel server group

Transaction SBPT brings you to the parallel background test environment:

SPBT parallel background task test environment

Here you can evaluate your settings.

Real live use

Some SAP transaction use parallel execution. Example is transaction code FAGL_MM_RECON.


More on load balancing

Parallel processing is an important part of load balancing across multiple application servers. More on load balancing can be read in this dedicated blog.

5 thoughts on “Setup parallel processing”

  1. I am trying to setup a R HANA integration where we have 1 database server and 4 R Hosts that are supposed to execute R-scripts in parallel. I followed the latest “SAP R HANA Integration Guide” and achieved random picking of one of the hosts specified under “cer_rserve_addresses”. But there is neither load balancing, nor are ever multiple R hosts being utilized in parallel, possible because HANA does not resieve any information on the current load on the hosts. How can this be accomplished, and how can one configure the “Rserve mechanism that creates dedicated R processes”?

    1. HI Harro,

      Unfortunately the practical knowledge on this is scarce. Suggest you contact SAP directly for support.

  2. Hi,

    We have a lot of jobs using “parallel generators group” to run.

    I need to search what jobs are setting this on there variants (steps).

    At SM37 and TBTCO, TBTCO, VARI, VARID and VARIT tables couldn´t find the variants and or jobs that setted to run in server group = parallel_generators.

    Could you helpe me to find this information?

  3. No,

    We need the server group name that is created at RZ12.

    This information, the user informs on Variant field Server Group (if program permit this feature).

    I found only programs that use parallelism: RKO7CO88 and SAPRCK23

    At TBTCP and TBTCO for respective jobs, doesn´t exist field Server Group to select.

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