S4HANA readiness check 2.0

SAP has released the S4HANA readiness check 2.0.

This blog will answer the following questions:

  • How to install S4HANA readiness check 2.0?
  • How to run the S4HANA readiness check 2.0?
  • How to see the results for the S4HANA readiness check 2.0?
  • What are the differences between the old and the new 2.0 version?
  • Where to find more background information on the SAP readiness check 2.0?

How to install S4HANA readiness check 2.0?

SAP OSS note 2758146 – SAP Readiness Check 2.0 & Next Generation SAP Business Scenario Recommendations and 2913617 – SAP Readiness Check 2.0 contain all the installation instructions.

Short sequence of steps:

  1. de-implement OSS note 2310438 – SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA – Managed System if it was applied
  2. Implement OSS note 2745851 – Business Process Improvement Content for SAP Readiness Check 2.0 and Next Generation SAP Business Scenario Recommendations
  3. Update or implement OSS note 2185390 – Custom Code Analyzer
  4. Update or implement OSS note 1872170 – ABAP on HANA sizing report (S/4HANA, Suite on HANA…)
  5. Update or implement OSS note 2399707 – Simplification Item Check
  6. Implement OSS note 2769657 – Interface Discovery for IDoc as part of Readiness Check
  7. Implement OSS note 2612179 – DVM API to trigger and monitor DVM ST14 analyses for Readiness Check
  8. Implement OSS note 2972792 – Financial Data Quality: Trigger Data Collection Reports to Check Your Financial Data Quality and to Enable the Financial Data Quality Check in SAP Readiness Check
  9. Implement OSS note 2903677 – SAP Readiness Check: Effort Drivers of Simplification Items Check
  10. Implement OSS note 3010669 – Enhancements to SAP Readiness Check Dashboard for Business Partner/CVI
  11. Implement OSS note 2758146 itself

Next to these notes, if you are using ATC, it is wise to also apply OSS note 2781766 – Enabling ATC check result export for SAP Readiness Check 2.0.

Also apply the notes mentioned in OSS note 3061414 – Enabling extended integration impact analysis for SAP Readiness Check, if you want to include ALE scenario’s in your analysis.

As you can see from the list of OSS notes there are improvements in the area of idocs, data volume management and business process analysis.

For this reason SAP recommends to run the S4HANA readiness tool on productive system.

It is possible to run on a recent copy, provided you copy the ST03N data from production to the recent copy. This process is described in OSS note 2568736 – SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA – copy ST03N data.

Troubleshooting guide is OSS note 2968380 – SAP Readiness Check Report 2.0 – troubleshooting guide.

Other notes to check:

Run S4HANA readiness check 2.0

There are 2 data analysis programs to run: SYCM_DOWNLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO and RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA.

First you run SYCM_DOWNLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO on development system to fetch information about your Z coding:

The tool will launch batch job. After job is done download the zipfile to your local PC.

If you are asked to regenerate the ABAP indexes run program SAPRSEUC in the background and be very patient. See blog on ABAP where used index for more background information. See also OSS note 2655768 - Custom Code Analyzer - The where-used list index for customer objects is not up to date.

Second program you need to run on production. So you first need to transport all the notes to production. The notes are large and can take up to 20 minutes import time. So take a quiet time at the productive system to import them.

Start program RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA in your productive system:

Select your target version and press execute. This will launch multiple batch jobs. Wait for all the jobs to finish and start program again to download the ZIP file to your PC.

CVI integration

As explained in OSS note 3071549 – Buttons in the report RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA the report RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA now has a link to the CVI integration (customer vendor).

Data profiling

More information the data profiling done by the readiness check can be found in OSS note 3112362 – SAP Readiness Check for SAP ERP Usage and Data Profiling.

Uploading the data

SAP OSS note 2758146 – SAP Readiness Check 2.0 & Next Generation SAP Business Scenario Recommendations contains the upload URL. The current URL is http://rc.cfapps.eu10.hana.ondemand.com .

Hit the start New Analysis button and upload the file from the RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA program. Wait for the SAP site to finish the analysis. It will be visible on the site as Recent Analysis.

Don’t forget to push the update analysis button to upload the second file with the custom code analysis from program SYCM_DOWNLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO.

The results

Now you can start to enjoy the results:

You can use the settings button to allow more people to view the analysis results.

New functions

SAP keeps on improving the readiness check 2.0. The new features are published in SAP blog.

Background information

More background information can be found at:

More S4HANA conversion preparation steps

For more S4HANA conversion preparation steps, read this blog.

Differences between S4HANA readiness check 1.0 and 2.0


  • More aspects are covered in 2.0 (like idocs, data volume, business processes, etc)
  • 2.0 is fully online, it is easier to give access to the site (entering e-mail is sufficient, no need for S user to access), you can still make word summary or xls download of the results
  • The analysis programs are faster

6 thoughts on “S4HANA readiness check 2.0”

    1. The Readiness checks need program SYCM_DOWNLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO to run to download the repository information. The detailed ATC run is not needed for the readiness check.
      The analysis result on custom code for the readiness check will be superficial.

      For an in depth analysis: run the full custom code preparation. See blog to run if your basis version is high enough. See blog for running the detailed checks from a remote system.

  1. Hi,
    is there a readiness check if only want to migrate to a HANA database? Should also carry out a readiness check during the HANA migration?
    Thanks very much

    1. Hi Cath,

      There is no specific readiness check for HANA database migration only.
      In ATC/SCI there is a variant for custom code check for S4HANA migration.
      For HANA Database migration, you also need to adjust custom code for DB specifics (mandatory) and for performance (highly advised). The ATC/SCI variants are called FUNCTIONAL_DB and PERFORMANCE_DB.

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