New client copy tools

As of SAP basis version 7.54 (which is ABAP version below S/4HANA 1909) a new set of client copy tools can be used.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • What are the version requirements of the new client copy tools?
  • What are the highlights of the new client copy tools?
  • How do I estimate the size of a client to copy?
  • How to run the new client copy tools?

Highlights of the new client copy tools

The main OSS note for the new client copy tools is 2962811 – New Client Copy Tool: General Information. And 2953662 – Recommendations for remote client copy performance improvements in S/4HANA.

Some highlights:

  • Native HANA support
  • Parallel processing of very large tables
  • SAP* in client 000 no longer needed: but still recommendation to use client 000
  • Option to use client copies with task list transaction STC01

Client size estimation

Transaction SCC_CLIENT_SIZE is a new transaction that can be used to estimate the size of a client:

Pending on your size run online or in batch mode. Result:

Client copy with new tool

In this example we first create the new client number 123 in transaction SCC4:

Now we can start transaction SCCLN for the new client copy tool:

And execute. Wait until done:

Remote client copy

Transaction SCC9N can be used for a remote client copy using the new tools:

Client deletion

Transaction SCC5N can be used for client deletion:

Bug fix OSS notes

Please check and apply following bug fix OSS notes for these new tools: