Data archiving: profit center accounting documents

This blog will explain how to archive profit center accounting documents transports via object EC_PCA_ITM. Generic technical setup must have been executed already, and is explained in this blog.


Go to transaction SARA and select object EC_PCA_ITM.

Dependency schedule:

This means for profit center accounting archiving that there are no dependent objects.

Main tables that are archived:

  • GLPCA (profit center actual line items)
  • GLPCP (profit center plan line items)

Technical programs and OSS notes

Write program: EC_PCA_ITM_WRI

Delete program: EC_PCA_ITM_DEL

Read program: RGUGLPCA

Relevant OSS notes:

Application specific customizing

EC_PCA_ITM has no application specific customization for setting retention periods.

Executing the write run and delete run

In transaction SARA, EC_PCA_ITM select the write run:

Select your data, save the variant and start the archiving write run.

Give the archive session a good name that describes controlling area, company code and year. This is needed for data retrieval later on.

After the write run is done, check the logs. EC_PCA_ITM archiving has high speed, and high percentage of archiving (up to 99%).

Deletion run is standard by selecting the archive file and starting the deletion run.

Data retrieval

Data retrieval is via program RGUGLPCA:

Put in the correct input values and select the right archive files.

The output is a fairly simple list.