SAP profile parameters

This blog will give tips and tricks for SAP profile parameters.

List of all profile parameters

Program RSPARAM will list all profile parameters:

The system default, the user defined value and the description is listed.

Program RSPFPAR can be used for a selective set of parameters.

Explanation note: 3202666 – The RSPARAM report usage.

Changing profile parameters

Transactions RZ10 and RZ11 can be used to change the profile parameters. If lost after restart, check OSS note 2228845 – RZ10: New or changed value is not active after restart.

Check also OSS note 2789094 – Maintaining ASCS profiles using RZ10.

Checking history of profile parameters

Transaction TU02 will list the profile parameter changes:

A different way to check the history is using SAP Focused Run configuration validation. Read more on this feature in this blog.

Technical tables and routines

Table TPFET contains the current parameters.

Table PAHI is keeping the history of parameter changes (if not updated, read note 3205243 – PAHI Table data is not updated).

RFC enabled function module TH_GET_PARAMETER can be used to read a profile parameter value.