SMENQ: new SAP enqueue management transaction

When you have installed and activated SAP enqueue server 2 (this will happen when you move to S4HANA), the transaction SMENQ is available to manage lock entries. This replaces transaction SM12.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • Where to find more information on SAP enqueue server 2?
  • What are the new functions in SMENQ?
  • How to solve lock overflow issues?

SMENQ transaction

When you start SM12 you see that a new button SMENQ is available if you have activated SAP enqueue server 2:

You can enter this way, or directly via transaction SMENQ:

From the start screen you can search for locks, just like SM12 can. The new functions are in the Server Administration button.

Enqueue server administration

From the start screen of SMENQ goto the Server Administration:

Now you can launch a lot of tool.

Interesting tool is the Functional Tests tool to quickly check the correct functionality of the enqueue server to be fully working:

Lock overflow issues

If you experience issues with lock overflow on standalone enqueue server 2, read OSS note 2917868 – ENQU, ENSA 2.0: Lock Table Overflow.

2942857 – ENQU 2.0: Maximum number of locks cannot be increased above 2 million.

Background information

More background information on the functions of enqueue server 2 can be found at this blog.