SAP tutorial navigator

SAP and senior developers have set up quite a lot of nice tutorials. The tutorials are very good in explaining a how to execute a specific development or basis task. There are many tutorials on the SAP cloud products which can be new for a lot of ABAP and basis persons.

The SAP tutorial navigator is a good starting point exploring the tutorials.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to use the SAP tutorial navigator to find a tutorial that interests me?

SAP tutorial navigator

The SAP tutorial navigator can be started via the URL

The main page will open:

You can search or filter based on the key words:

If you select the tutorial, the detailed tutorial will open now:

On the details page there is learning content and pre-requisites. On the right hand side you can navigate through the steps.

Then you can start with the step by step tutorial in a click here, click there easy to follow style: