S4HANA upgrade preparation steps for simplification items

This blog will explain on the S4HANA upgrade preparation steps for the simplification items.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • How to prepare for the S4HANA upgrade?
  • How to get an overview on the S4HANA preparation items that need action?
  • How to re-run a single S4HANA preparation item check?

For more information on other preparation steps:

  1. For S4HANA conversion (start is ECC): read this blog
  2. For S4HANA upgrade (start is lower S4HANA version): read this blog

Upgrade pre-check OSS notes

Before you can start the upgrade install the pre-check OSS notes. First install OSS note 2399707 – Simplification Item Check. This might seem an old note, but it is constantly updated. If you did do the S4HANA readiness check before this note is already installed. But still always download and install the most recent version of this note. The second OSS note is 2502552 – S4TC – SAP S/4HANA Conversion & Upgrade new Simplification Item Checks.

These are TCI notes. During the implementation, you might need to clear all BI queues.

Per S4HANA version there is a third OSS note to apply. This note is different per S4HANA and feature pack version.

The OSS note for S4HANA 2020 is 2910131 – SAP S/4HANA 2020 Initial Shipment Stack Conversion & Upgrade – TCI Note #9. For S4HANA 2021: 3028788 – SAP S/4HANA 2021 Conversion & Upgrade checks – TCI Note #10. For S4HANA 2022: 3143951 – SAP S/4HANA 2022 Conversion & Upgrade checks – TCI Note #11. Also these are TCI notes.

For the functional preparation: 3226469 – SAP S/4HANA 2022 – application specific notes in system conversion / release upgrade preparation phase. And after the upgrade: 3226548 – SAP S/4HANA 2022 – application specific notes in system conversion / release upgrade follow-on phase.

Running the pre-checks

Start program /SDF/RC_START_CHECK. First update the catalog:

And check that the OSS notes are up-to-date:

After updating the OSS notes all lights should be green:

Then select the right Target SAP S/4HANA Version and run the program.

This run might take a while based on the performance of your system and the size of your database.

You now get an overview list of the items:

The top one is the famous CVI (Customer Vendor Integration). Now select all the items and press the button Check Consistency for All, to get all the details (again this might take a while). Per item you get the details on the fixes required:

The red items need to be fixed.

There are some items you can exempt. Judge carefully first before applying the exemption. This exemption function is only available in the first overview screen.

Check single item again

You can use program /SDF/RC_TROUBLE_SHOOT to run a single check again. As input you need to provide the full text of the Simplification ID:

This way, you don’t need to wait for the complete run to finish.

DTV tool

Consider the use of the DTV tool (data transition validation) for the real migration testing and execution.

Client 001 and 066

Some of the checks might return items in clients 001 and 066. For an S4HANA upgrade these need to be deleted. In stead of fixing the issues in these clients, delete them. See more about this deletion in this dedicated blog.

The real S4HANA upgrade

The SUM tool will execute the real S4HANA upgrade. It will call the same /SDF/RC_START_CHECK program. SUM tool will abort if even a single item is not ok.