Set up CTS project


This blog will explain on how to setup a CTS project.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • How to setup CTS project?
  • How to test if CTS project can be used in SE10 transports?

Set up of CTS project

Start transaction SPRO_ADMIN.

SPRO_ADMIN start screen

One TEST project is already created. We will now create new project TEST2. Hit the create button and give the project a technical name:

Create project in spro_admin

In the overview screen you now can give a long description name:

Create project screen

Goto the Transp.Requests tab to activate the CTS functions (save first is required):

Activate CTS functions

Alternative way of creating the project for CTS only is via SE38 program RSWBO_AUX_PROJECT.

Testing the project

To test if the project is created correctly go to SE10 and create a transport. The project should be visible now:

Project in SE10 project assignment

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